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Who are we?
Who are we?

We’re a team of marketers, traders and data enthusiasts.

North Atlas was founded in early 2020 backed up by a team of experienced e-commerce co-workers. North Atlas wants to become the preferred distributor of products and goods to the European retail world, both for the small webshop, midsize store or larger retail chains with a desire to sell trendy and highly sellable products in all ranges backed by comprehensive market research and relevancy to the current market.

We recognize and introduce great products.

We supply the products you need and love, and we do it in a way where they are extremely affordable of the utmost quality. Today, we’re delivering joy across the world with every order.

This will be accomplished by offering products, where data backs up the potential and need – driven by valuable points and factors. – which connects the customer and the retail with each other creatively and innovatively.

  • Country: Denmark
  • City: Copenhagen
  • Category: Consumer Electronics
  • Address: Hoeje Gladsaxe
  • Phone: +45 50 47 30 31
  • E-mail: sals@northatlas.eu